Weekly Workshops

The Totnes Cancer Health Care Centre aims to provide ongoing weekly workshops and support groups to provide a regular place for patients, carers and health seeking individuals to come and learn, share and care together with a different caring professional facilitator each week.

What Are They?

Weekly Sustainable Health Care workshops are a central part of the unique integrated support mechanism that we offer here at The Arcturus Centre.

Every week a different aspect of support will be provided by one of our experienced practitioners.

The aim of the service is to provided both patients and carers with a clear, friendly and professional environment in which to share emotional responses, ask questions and communicate experiences with our sympathetic therapists and your peers who are in similar situations – this is often most helpful.

There is much to learn, much to do and much to undo and to have a regular venue where a safe space is held can be an invaluable tool to gather information whilst navigating the path to sustainable health.

Sharing and caring can release pent up tensions and generate opening and softening which deepens our relaxation – all of which facilities clarity of thought and the ability to make constructive decisions in the light of difficult circumstances. These processes feed in to the growth of our healing capacity and build a positive mental outlook and approach.

Please review the synopsis provided by each of our experienced practitioners for details on the specific type of support offered at their group and check the time and day of each of weeks meetings, as they can vary from week to week depending on the availability of the therapist and of the rooms at the centre.

Please do book in and come along if you can, our weekly support groups are free, although donations are always gratefully accepted.

Many thanks

Dr. Stephen Hopwood