Welcome to the Totnes Cancer Health Centre

Welcome to the Totnes Cancer Health Centre. Providing you with the very best in Cancer Health Care in your community. Offering essential information and therapy with compassion, we will do all we can to help you.

Established in 1995 in the heart of innovative Totnes, the Arcturus Clinic is one of Devon’s leading complementary health centres; now a non-profit Community Interest Company. The Clinic offers a full range of Professional Complementary Health Services.

At the core of our clinic is The Cancer Health Centre. With its own website, weekly workshops, bimonthly retreats, annual conferences and specialist consultants – the CHC is a new, rapidly expanding community resource.

The Arcturus Clinic also specialises in offering Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psychotherapy & Counselling. The teams of practitioners of these disciplines meet regularly to support each other in supporting you.

The Clinic also provides a full range of individual professional complementary practitioners providing a complete spectrum of complementary health care therapies and services. Most of our practitioners offer a free 20 minute introductory consultation to discuss your needs.

The Arcturus Clinic offers natural, viable and safe alternatives to conventional pharmaceutical medicine, with experienced practitioners providing scientifically validated treatments which support sustainable health. The Clinic is supervised by a medical doctor, Dr. Stephen Hopwood, who has brought together a caring and integrated team who communicate effectively, refer appropriately and offer a breadth of expertise that ensures you the very best in complementary medicine.

The Clinic is situated on Fore Street above The Arcturus Bookshop with a south facing front terrace, gardens to the side and a Japanese courtyard to the rear – it is an island oasis in the town centre with a light and spacious atmosphere. The sun streams through the branches of the acacia tree into our warm treatment rooms and large group room. We also have a comfortable reception and a waiting area with complimentary refreshments.

The Arcturus Clinic also offers ‘The Oasis Float and Massage Centre’ which provides individual specialist massage and floatation room therapy.

An initial assessment with one of our clinical directors establishes each individual’s best course of treatments, actions and support. We work with people seeking an alternative approach to complement other conventional treatments. All are welcome. We treat people, not cancer.

With the increasing cancer rates in our community and a lack of constructive information in the public domain, we decided to build a viable alternative to the conventional cancer treatment model. The pharmaceutical approach is to try and treat the cancer with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery which do not work to build the body’s healing capacity and in fact they can significantly undermine our immune systems.

We are confident that we have brought together a very effective spectrum of therapists with a huge depth of experience and integrated by a mutual understanding of the core principles of cultivating true health. We focus on offering the means for restoring and maintaining our innate healing capacities, empowering people to implement informed regenerative protocols.
We provide …

  • a health cultivation protocols,
  • a cancer health care protocols,
  • individual healing treatments
  • support for you and your carer to integrate these and other changes into your life.

Our articles and videos can inform you to develop an understanding of another approach, founded in good science and rational. With study, the picture of how to cultivate true health comes into focus and the clarity empowers trust in a way of doing as well as a way of being, that will help maximise your chances of returning to complete health.
Please spend time exploring our site and we hope you will be well informed. We hope you will visit us soon and we look forward to meeting you.
Welcome to the Totnes Cancer Health Centre. We will do our best to help you.