Spiritual Perspectives 

We understand that our body, mind and spirit have to be in harmony with all of the natural energies in order to feel comfortable and without stress. Everything we suggest will be committed to that understanding.

We understand that the most debilitating motion is fear and we are committed to relieving this from the emotional and spiritual levels right down to cellular level, so that the whole body starts to function differently.

We understand that when disease presents itself the functioning of the cells and the functioning of the whole person has changed, the rhythm the person then carries is changed again by fear and anxiety.

The human being lives in a space between heaven and earth and it is very important that we live in a way that enables us to live harmoniously in that space.

The potential of every human is to be fully connected to everything else in the universe and we see that when disease is present there is blocking occurring stopping that full expression of the person.

We wish to help on the journey back to freedom and full expression of as a member of the universal family. Suppressive treatments are locking people into certain crisis points in their lives causing them to struggle to function.

Everything which we suggest will be to create freedom and movement on all levels. Disease is an expression of stagnation and stuck-ness in so many ways.

So the full commitment of everyone here in our centre is to free up that beautiful human potential which changes not only a persons health but changes their contribution and relationship to the universal rhythm.

We feel empowerment through education and understanding is the first step toward a person taking back full responsibility for their own health and life’s journey.

Once you understand how the body works and how it responds to the natural rhythms of the universe, there is a sense of a reversible pattern unfolding, rather than of random isolated incidents.

We are all unique and wonderful individuals and we all have our own story to tell. Even two people with the same named disease will have taken very different paths back to health.

We are not separate isolated individuals but multidimensional interconnected beings of light energy living in a contracted and inter- connected universe. What unfolds around us has a direct and tangible influence on our body, and likewise, how we live has a direct effect on the universe.

We will help you to understand your own story and to see why disease has manifested, our body never takes random leaps it always performs in a very sequential way.

We all at the Totnes Cancer Care Centre understand that to understand our own story is the greatest aid to empowerment, loss of fear and the reawakening of our powerful human potential.