Individual Consultations

We do not offer individual consultations at Totnes Cancer Care, we currently just offer our free weekly support group and information in the form of articles and videos on health creation.

All are well versed and familiar with both the Health Cultivation  and the Sustainable Health Care Principles and will help you in developing a plan to support the cultivation of your health and immunity which is designed to allow you to maximise your capacity to self help.

A health cultivation plan will involve analysis of a complete spectrum of information, principles and practices that will allow you to begin to develop a clear sense of what to do, what not to do and exactly why it is beneficial to follow these guidelines.

A constant source of support is vital from professionals who will guide and direct you and help you navigate the range of information and approaches through to a successful outcome – sustainable health.

We may also ask you to sign a disclaimer to say that you understand that we do not offer to treat cancer or to treat people for cancer but we do offer advice in connection with the treatment of people with cancer for their general health and well being.
Please call the Arcturus Clinic on*  01803 868 282 to book for the free weekly Totnes Cancer care workshop.