Health Cultivation

Maxims of health care cultivation and our Totnes approach.

Totnes Cancer Care Centre “Treating people not cancer.”

Below are some Maxims, a bit like in law, that are our laws in terms of our guidelines, attitudes and principles of health care cultivation.

We will help you to maximise your health potential. Supporting you with the mental, emotional, physical, nutritional and environmental stresses that can contribute to human disease.

We will respect you as a unique individual and listen to your story.

We will support and educate you into the principles within a programme of Self-Help and natural health generation.

We offer support to friends and family.

The Totnes Cancer Care Centre exists to help you use the ancient wisdom of treating the whole person, rather than just simply suppressing the symptoms and removing the signs of disease.

Our vision for the future is to establish a integrated NHS / Complementary health NHS with our own Bristol sized centre where the best of orthodox medicine is integrated with the holistic natural health cultivation approach.

The main aim of the TCCC is to provide a clear, practical, functional working complementary approach to the Western Medical, NHS, and Pharmaceutical industry model of cultivating the health of people with cancer.

Our Totnes approach works in a way which is supportive for the natural health and well being of the patient, exclusively.

We do not treat cancer, we treat people.

Our belief is that our body (Body, mind, and spirit) has its own natural and innate capacity to self-regulate and that given the right environment, support and conditions, it will do its job properly and sustainable health can be maintained.

Here at the TCCC we aim to provide that support and more by education in an holistic approach to health.

The work of the TCCC is to help people understand these perspectives and the logic, science and rationale behind them.

Given that the Pharmaceutical industry will only spend money on trials of substances that it can patent and sell, and natural substances are not patentable, it establishes a system of medicine whereby only unnatural and therefore patentable substances are used as established medicine.

Unfortunately radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery can severely undermine the healthy functioning of our immune system which ultimately is fundamental.

Here at the TCCC as we use only natural medicines and methods. We are therefore, by definition, using medicine and medicinal techniques that can only be classified as experimental and unsubstantiated.

Our aim at the TCCC is to show you that the logic, rational and good science behind our methods are actually intelligent and appropriate.

We believe that this natural system of holistic and integrated medicine will be the new medicine for the future and will become the new paradigm in medicine as the old paradigm is naturally replaced with an ultimately more constructive way of supporting the health of the community.

Here at the TCCC we believe that through supporting the individual physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, then the natural capacity in all of us that facilitates our ability to be healthy will be activated to good effect.

Western medicine treats from the outside in, imposing artificial substances on our system, which do kill cancer cells but which can also ultimately weakens the bodies natural defences and dis-empower the persons health by undermining their innate immune capacity.

Here at the TCCC we aim to support people from the inside, giving their system what it needs to function properly at every level in the anticipation that a correctly balanced physiology, immunity and psyche will support the individuals health and wellbeing.

We regard all human disease is an opportunity to transform old ways of being, faulty attitudes, beliefs and conditioning from our upbringing, culture and society.

As we reach a higher level of consciousness, where we are more at peace with ourselves and in harmony with our essential nature, the Life Force that lives within our physical body expands and the energy is available for our body to help itself.

We will help you to learn from your disease and learn to gently move toward the personal transformation necessary to bring a better quality of health to your life.

We will seek to combine simple spiritual, modern medical and gentle natural methods to mobilise your inner resources.

We offer a non-sectarian, non-religious approach that respects the fundamental Truth of all spiritual traditions.

We are complex, multidimensional beings whose system often needs help and support on many levels in order to regain balance and health.

Whether you have just been diagnosed, are in receipt of the full spectrum of NHS treatment or are in recovery, then supporting your immunity, cultivating a positive attitude and really learning how to look after yourself in a conscious and intelligent way is going to be enormously valuable to you.

Here at the TCCC, we are here to hold your hand and guide and support you as you navigate your way through the maze of information and techniques that are available to support and substantiate your health.

We will do all we can to help.

Dr. Stephen Hopwood