Kali. Sulph – Kalium Sulphate

tISSUE sALTS Kalium sulphate (potassium sulphate) Function: oxygenates the cells and tissues of the body. Recommended for: skin, hair, scalp and nail problems, catarrh, sticky discharges, hot flushes, chills, wandering pain in the limbs and athlete’s foot. Can be used with silica to treat brittle nails and thin hair. Read More

Mag. Phos – Magnesium Phosphate

Magnesium phosphate - Tissue salts Magnesium phosphate   Function: anti-spasmodic, ensures smooth movement of muscles. Recommended for: cramps, spasms, relief from sharp pain, flatulence, hiccups, headaches with shooting pain, low energy and neuralgia. For quick results, can be dissolved in hot (but not boiling) water and sipped Read More

Nat. Mur – Natrium Muriaticum

Natrium muriaticum - Tissue Salts Natrium muriaticum (sodium chloride)   Function: water metabolism and moisturising the tissues, assisting glandular function and digestion. Recommended for: dryness or excessive moisture in any part of the body, watery colds with runny nose and sneezing, dry lips, itchy skin and eyes, hay fever, loss of taste or smell, headaches with constipation, diarrhoea, thirst, a craving for salty foods, Read More

Nat. Phos – Natrium Phosphate

Natrium phosphate - Tissue Salts Natrium phosphate (sodium phosphate)   Function: neutralises acid in the body and aids in the assimilation of fatty acids; helps to regulate function of the liver and gall bladder. Recommended for: acidity, stomach upset, heartburn, colic, gout, indigestion and other gastric problems, rheumatic pain and stiffness, joint swelling, smelly feet or body odour, jaundice, nausea and cholesterol problems. Read More

Nat. Sulph – Natrium Sulphate

Natrium sulphate Natrium sulphate (sodium sulphate)   Function: eliminates excess water and helps maintain the health of the liver and gall bladder. Recommended for: water retention, flu, liver and gall bladder problems including jaundice, hepatitis, biliousness and digestive upset, nausea, bitter taste in mouth and rheumatism. Read More


Silica Silicea (silicon dioxide)   Function: cleanser and detoxifier; present in blood, skin, nails, hair, bones, connective tissue and mucus membranes. Recommended for: pimples, spots, boils, sties, abscesses and any other type of skin condition with pus suppuration; cracked, brittle or split nails, gland disorders, involuntary twitching of eyes or face muscles, stress; badly conditioned, dull looking hair; rheumatic pain. Read More

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