Calcium Calcium is best known as the mineral required in the greatest amounts for bone mineralization. It is so, but what is usually overlooked is that lower calcium intakes are utilised much better for bone mineral if several of the other minerals are in good supply. Often bone demineralization is not through calcium deficiency at all but through other Read More


Chromium Chromium Chromium is another essential micromineral but it has fewer functions than some of the others. Chromium is mainly known for controlling of blood sugar and maintaining muscle mass. It makes sense that much the work done on chromium in nutrition focused upon what chromium can do in promoting normal glucose tolerance and reducing reactive hypoglycaemia. The results have Read More


Copper Copper Copper is another very important metallic mineral. It is required for the production of blood cells, both red and white, mineralization of bones and the health of the bone surface, for the health of the arteries and the heart and for the proper control of blood cholesterol, for the development and health of the nervous system. In the Read More


Iron Iron Iron is best known as the mineral that is required for incorporation into haemoglobin in the blood. Most people know that you get iron deficiency anaemia when you are short of iron and that doctors give supplements of ferrous sulphate to overcome this problem. The erosion of iron status that happens in these cases takes place gradually without Read More


Magnesium Magnesium Uses in the body: essential for heart and liver health, good nerve and muscle function, balanced metabolism and strong bones. Assists in the production and repair of cells and is necessary for calcium absorption and B1 and B6 metabolism. Signs of deficiency: cramps, muscle fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhoea, insomnia, heart rhythm problems, numbness and tingling, eye tremors, hyperactivity. Therapeutic uses: menstrual pain Read More


Magnesium Magnesium – Learn about the master mineral supplement you must have…. Many call it the master mineral, yet eighty percent or more of modern society is deficient. It is a basic element of over 300 cellular metabolic processes. It’s magnesium. As important as it is, it is vastly underrated and underused by health practitioners and physicians. The combination Read More

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