Hypericum Hypericum   St John’s wort (Hyp. or St John’s wort) Pattern of symptoms: nerve damage, intense pain, sensitivity to touch, shock. Common uses: nerve pain due to dental treatment, surgery, splinters, accidents or after forceps delivery; insect bites and stings, animal bites, back pain due to childbirth or injury, painful periods that are late and accompanied by headache. Read More

Ignatia Amara

Ignatia Amara Ignatia Amara   (Ign. or St Ignatius’s bean) Pattern of symptoms: contradictory symptoms, such as an empty feeling in stomach which isn’t relieved by eating; grief, despair, disappointment, aggravated by stimulants such as coffee; symptoms improve with warmth. Common uses: bereavement and separation, emotional upset, depression, anxiety, irritating cough, sleeplessness due to shock, violent headaches or indigestion due to Read More


Ipecacuanha Ipecacuanha   (Ip.) Pattern of symptoms: violent, persistent nausea, dislike of smell and taste of food, bluish or reddened face, sweat; symptoms occurring at regular intervals. Common uses: vomiting and nausea, dry cough, flu with chills, joint pain and nausea, gastric flu, colic, bleeding, diarrhoea, labour pains with nausea, morning sickness. Read More

Kali Bichromicum

Kali Bichromicum Kali Bichromicum   (Kali-b. or potassium bichromate) Pattern of symptoms: chilly, symptoms get worse in the cold, wandering pin-pointed pain. Common uses: colds and sinusitis, catarrh that’s thick and stringy, headache with intermittent pain. Read More


Lachesis Lachesis   (Lach. or bushmaster snake) Pattern of symptoms: tiredness, trembling, often left-sided complaints that move to right side, smelly breath, sweat, excitability; symptoms get worse with heat and on waking. Common uses: bites and stings, cuts and wounds that bleed and are slow to heal, sore throat or earache worst on left side, throbbing headaches worst on left Read More

Ledum Palustre

Ledum Palustre Ledum Palustre   (Led. or wild rosemary) Pattern of symptoms: wandering pain aggravated by movement, touch and heat. Common uses: cuts and puncture wounds (helps to stop them going septic), bites and stings, bruises and black eye (if arnica is given too late or is ineffective, use ledum), painful and stiff joints. Read More

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