Calendula Officinalis

Calendula Officinalis Calendula Officinalis (Calen. or Marigold ) Pattern of symptoms: wounds and cuts with pain out of proportion to injury. Common uses: cuts and open wounds, abscesses, burns, general tissue healing, perineal tears during birth or episiotomy; can be applied as an ointment and/or taken internally and can be alternated with arnica. Caution: calendula heals wounds quickly, so clean thoroughly Read More


Caulophyllum Caulophyllum (Caul. or blue cohosh) Pattern of symptoms: ineffectual labour. Common uses: long, painful or exhausting labour (can help make contractions more effective, but must be used with caution), rigid cervix, pain in small joints such as the fingers. Read More


Causticum Causticum (Caust. or potassium hydrate) Pattern of symptoms: affected by weather change especially chilly and dry weather, exhaustion, blisters, loss of appetite in pregnancy; symptoms worst in the evening. Common uses: serious burns (can be used on way to hospital), bedwetting, cystitis and stress incontinence, cramp in toes and feet, hacking coughs with phlegm that’s difficult to cough up, Read More


Chamomilla Chamomilla (Cham. or German chamomile) Pattern of symptoms: unbearable pain, feeling overemotional; symptoms get better after sweating. Common uses: teething, toothache, earache, colic, dry cough worst at night, labour pains, menstrual pains, vomiting from anger or excitement. Read More

China Officinalis

China Officinalis China Officinalis (Chin. or cinchona officinalis) Pattern of symptoms: weakness, depletion, weariness, chilliness, feeling sluggish on waking, sensitivity to draughts; symptoms worsen at regular intervals. Common uses: anaemia, nervous exhaustion, profuse sweating, flatulence and indigestion, poor appetite that returns with first mouthful, diarrhoea with undigested food, headache due to mental strain, depression and apathy. Read More

Coffea Cruda

Coffea Cruda Coffea Cruda (Coff. or coffee) Pattern of symptoms: overexcitement, oversensitivity (eg, acute sense of smell and touch); symptoms worse at night and in fresh air. Common uses: teething and toothache with shooting pain that’s eased by cold drinks, labour pains with excitability and talkativeness, sleeplessness and vivid dreams. Read More

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