The Thyroid – The Engine of our Vehicle

The Thyroid – The Engine of our Vehicle The Thyroid and it’s optimal or otherwise functioning, is beginning to land centre stage in my understanding as the driving force that is tipping the balance between optimal health and chronic disease. The thyroid gland is in our throat and is interconnected with our endocrine system, metabolic processes and drives core Read More

The War on Natural Medicine

The War on Natural Medicine By Dr. Stephen Hopwood  February 13th 2012 EU Codex Alimentarius Commission Article – The War on Natural Medicine – in this magazine Governments throughout the world have now joined forces with Big Pharma and Big food in an unprecedented war against Natural Medicine. They are employing ‘banning-by-stealth’ tactics to bring in ‘back door’ Read More

Totnes Cancer Conference – Dr Claudius van Wyk

 Totnes Cancer Conference: ‘Treating People – Not Cancer’   Towards whole-person cancer therapy – holistic science and the transformation of the biomedical model   – Dr Claudius van Wyk – 17.11.2012   “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new Read More

“Health cultivation in chronic disease” Weekend Workshop

Barbara Wren, Dr. Stephen Hopwood and Arcturus Clinic present… “Health cultivation in chronic disease” A natural health creation retreat lead by Barbara Wren. A weekend health programme of lectures, group work and healing meditations. For people wanting to improve their general health and for people suffering from chronic disease and cancer. You’ll come away with vital information on how to cultivate Read More

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