Dr-Kingsley on Diets

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Free ‘Health Creation’ Weekly Workshops.

Weekly Workshops every Wednesday from 12 noon until 2pm Please call 01803 868282 to secure your place in these popular workshops which are limited in number. Available at The Arcturus Clinic 47 Fore St. Totnes, Devon. ————————————————- The Totnes Cancer Health Care Centre aims to provide ongoing weekly workshops and support groups to provide a regular place for patients, carers and Read More

Health Cultivation Retreat

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Magnesium: The most powerful relaxation mineral available

Could a deficiency in a magnesium be to blame for some of your chronic health problems, lack of sleep or anxiety? In this week’s UltraWellness blog, Mark Hyman, M.D. reveals why this “secret antidote to stress” works so well and tells you how to get more of it — naturally. Read More

Notes by Dr Kingsley

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