Cholesterol Cholesterol Niacin/lnositol Hexanicotinate It has been confirmed in numerous clinical trials that both niacin and inositol hexanicotinate (a non-flushing, inositol-bound form of niacin) are remarkably effective for lowering total blood cholesterol levels, essentially by reducing cholesterol production in the liver. An added advantage is that these supplements have also been shown to increase levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Niacin and Read More

Circulatory Health (General)

Circulatory Health Circulatory Health (General) See also: Varicose veins Cardiovascular health (general) Adenosine 5′ – triphosphate (Peak ATP) Studies in humans show that factors such as age and disease states cause intracellular levels of ATP to drop significantly. It now appears that there is also a significant decline in extracellular levels of ATP, which negatively affects blood pressure and the health of the blood Read More

Colds, Flu and Infection

Colds, Flu and Infections Colds, Flu and Infection See also: Immune Support Vitamin C Vitamin C is often called the master immune nutrient, because of its essential role in immune function. Many studies have shown vitamin C to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms, and some research suggests it may reduce the risk of catching a cold (although results of prevention studies have been Read More


Cystitis Cystitis (Urinary Tract Infections) See also: Immune support Cranberry Research shows that cranberries inhibit urinary tract infections (UTIs). The mechanism is not, as once thought, via the acidification of the urine. In fact studies indicate that compounds in cranberries are actually able to prevent certain bacteria from adhering to the lining of the bladder and urethra, and in doing Read More


Depression Depression See also: Adrenal support 5-HTP Low serotonin levels are associated with various types of depression. Indeed drugs such as SSRI’s and tricyclic anti-depressants work by inhibiting the breakdown of serotonin in the gaps between brain cells (synapses). As a precursor of serotonin several studies have shown 5-HTP to be an effective way to increase serotonin levels and therefore Read More


Dysmenorrhoea Dysmenorrhoea (Painful menstrual cramps) See also: Premenstrual Syndrome Magnesium Muscles require magnesium in order for them to relax, so low magnesium levels often result in muscle cramps. Research has supported the notion that the muscle-relaxing effects of magnesium are helpful for menstrual cramping. In one double-blind trial, 50 women with primary dysmenorrhoea were given either magnesium or a placebo. After a 6 month Read More

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