Nutritional antioxidants may protect the cartilage from being destroyed by free radicals as well as helping with the production of new cartilage. Antioxidants are important in the modulation of inflammatory processes and deficiencies of various antioxidant nutrients are often observed in arthritis. A broad range of antioxidant intake is recommended to derive their maximum synergistic properties.

Osteoarthritis Summary

Nutrient/Herb Typical intake range

Celaclrin (1)

Glucosamine sulphate (or hydrochloride) (2)

Chondroifin sulphate (3)

MSM (4)

Antioxidant formula

500 – 2000mg per day

1 000 – 2000mg per day

1 000 – 2000mg per day

500 – 3000mg per day

As per manufacturer’s directions

Reduce/avoid Increase

Nightshade vegetables

Dairy foods

Red meat

Excessive animal proteins

Trans/hydrogenated fats

Refined/processed foods

Complex carbohydrates


Oily fish

Nuts and seeds

Green leafy vegetables

Fruit (especially berries)

Vegetarian protein sources

Lifestyle Factors

Take regular gentle exercise if possible (e.g. swimming)


1. Possible interaction with Warfarin – concurrent use with medical supervision only.

2. Although interactions are rare, diabetics should be monitored if they intend to use

glucosamine. Allergy – the most common supplemental form is derived from shellfish

3. If taking warfarin, please check with a doctor as chondroitin in conjunction may increase


4. Some literature suggests that MSM augments warfarin, so supplementation alongside should

probably be avoided.